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  I have had many inquiries about Bowtech split limbs for the Insanity, Invasion, RPM 360 and other models that use the same limbs. I do not currently make these limbs. My plans were to have these limb available by years end, time permitting. Unfortunatlly, I have not had the time I need to get the job done. 

 There seems to be quite the demand for these limbs. I have had hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and emails about them. If I had all the time I expended on answering them, the job would be done. 

 I don't know for sure when I will have these limbs available, I will make them as soon as I can. I will not try to predict how long or when they will be available.

 If this is the limb you are looking for, please check back, when I get them done and in stock, I will have them on this page.

 As for the older Bowtech split limbs, I have no immediate plans to build these.


Thank you for your interest and most of all, patience.

Dave Barnsdale


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