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 Since Martin had the fire that destroyed their manufacturing facility I have had a few customers ask for the older, wider limbs that were used 2009 and before. I do currently make these popular 13" and 14"long x 1 7/8" wide limbs. I am still acumilating the deflection data on both these limbs. If these are the limbs you are looking for, please contact me, I will determine what deflection and length you need, If I have the info to build, I will email you an invoice that you can pay. I will then build the limbs, it takes a week or two to get them done. If I do not have the info needed, I might ask you to send me your limbs so I can test the deflection.

 As for other Martin limbs, I have no immediate plans to build any others.


Thank you for your interest.

Dave Barnsdale

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